Does a mountain of paper documents in your office bother you? Are you spending more time on retrieving the documents from your file cabinets? Our Digitization service offers high quality and swift conversion of physical documents into electronic format, making the information contained therein easily searchable and instantly accessible on ScanNplus. Digitization offers the perfect solution for enhancing your productivity and ensures the perpetual preservation of your physical documents.

The world has become tech-savvy with the recent IT boom. Considering this, Essjay has introduced its document digitizing services to help organizations go paperless. We help converting your documents into digital formats that can be preserved for a lifetime. Be it any kind of data or document any size - right from audio, texts, video, images, business cards, periodicals to books, large format and wide format documents - it can be easily digitized and converted into any required format that can be transferred over any media.

Our digitizing services are carried through three crucial steps - pre-scanning, scanning and post-scanning. All three processes are executed in a strategized manner that ensures quality results. Also, we take care of the security concerns that you have for your business-critical documents. A pictorial overview of our services is shown below.

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