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A Document Scanner is a device, which converts a document or text from its paper form into digital data. The current trend in document scanners is considered a big step toward effective document management. Document scanners reduce time and labor to transform the information from printed materials to digital data stores, for example, to the hard disks of a personal computer or to storage in the cloud. In addition, using a document scanner, it is possible to recover, retrieve and preserve old or valuable documents.

We are reseller of high speed document scanners in India and document imaging products like duplex document scanners. We represent leading brands in the market like Canon Scanners, Kodak Scanners, Fujitsu Scanners, Epson Scanners, Brother Scanners, HP Scanners, Colortrac & Contex Scanners. Essjay provides scanners with the feature like ADF scanner, ADF with Flatbed scanner, High speed, Simplex & Duplex scanning , Book Scanning, minimum paper size visiting card & maximum paper size A3 scanning, color, Black & white, Gray Scale scanning, Bulk scanning.

document Scanners Brands

Types of Document Scanners

Document scanners are categorized into two distinct types: portable document scanners and desktop document scanners. Each of these types are currently very popular and in wide use throughout the world.

Portable Document Scanners

Portable document scanners include foldable document scanners, handheld wand scanners and pen scanners. All of them are compact, lightweight and perfect for use on the go. They are designed to scan either an entire page or selected portions of a document with precision and quality. Most of them are USB or battery powered, which adds to their portability, as you do not need to carry an AC adapter while traveling. The way in which a scanner scans documents is another distinct difference among the various types of portable document scanners: Foldable document scanners scan either the entire page or a selected part of a document in one go, while handheld wand or pen scanners scan a specific portion of the page at user's discretion.

canon Portable scanner
document scanner at essjay

Desktop Document Scanners

Desktop document scanners include sheet-fed scanners and flatbed scanners. They are generally large in size and resemble photocopiers. Sheet-fed scanners are equipped with a sheet feeder that pulls in documents to be scanned sequentially, while flatbed scanners are designed with a glass plate and a cover. Scanned documents are placed face-down on the glass plate with the cover closed. After the documents have been scanned, the resulting image is transferred digitally to a computer. It is worth noting that some flatbed scanners also include a sheet feeder, allowing an entire document or page to be scanned with minimum human interaction.

Workgroup document scanners

Workgroup scanners includes both flatbed and sheet-fed models; models that can be customized to scan to e-mail, PDF, printers, or ftp sites, and the option to benefit from our high quality capture software solutions to ensure your business goals are met. For flexibility and high performance for the medium-sized business or organization, choose Workgroup scanners and software solutions.

Multiplex ADF scanners, providing a much higher quality and speed for ECM, document capture and the management of workgroup and enterprise documents.

workgroup scanners on sales and rental

Canon DR-C225 II / 225W II

Maximize desk space with the slim & smart compact scanner

  • Feeder capacity: 30 sheets
  • Speed: 25ppm/50ipm
  • 600 dpi in scanning resolution
DR-X10C document scanners

Canon DR-X10C

From 0-100 pages in 1 minute, it's document scanning ahead of its time

  • Connect with USB 2.0 or SCSI-III
  • Scan size: A3
  • Speed: 100ppm/200ipm
DR-C240 document scanners on sales and rental

Canon DR-C240

Ability to handle a wide variety of documents and flexible scanning solution to increase work efficiency.

  • Feeder capacity: 60 sheets
  • Speed: 45ppm/90ipm
  • 600 dpi in scanning resolution
drm140 document scanners

Canon DR-M140

DR-M140 is designed for accessibility and flexibility to scan diverse documents.

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: A4 & Legal size
  • Speed: 40ppm/80ipm

Departmental document scanners

High-speed scanners for law firms, insurance claims departments, government offices, or office environments in general, with needs for heavy daily duty cycles, streamlining and automating the document management process.

Departmental scanners
Departmental documents scanners

Canon DR-M160II

DR-M160II offers superb accuracy with a precise feeding mechanism capable of handling variety of documents.

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: A4 & Legal size
  • Speed: 60ppm/120ipm
DR-M1060 document scanner in mumbai

Canon DR-M1060

The DR-M1060 document scanner is built to handle high-speed scanning with U-turn and straight paper path.

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: A3
  • Speed: 60ppm/120ipm
drm140-SCANNER scanners in mumbai

Canon DR-M140

DR-M140 is designed for accessibility and flexibility to scan diverse documents.

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: A4 & Legal size
  • Speed: 40ppm/80ipm
dr6030c canon scanner

Canon DR-6030C

Designed to perform with remarkable speed and precision

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: up to A3
  • Speed: 60ppm/120ipm


Production scanners are A4 or A3 document scanners with the capacity for very large daily outputs. These scanners are built for high-quantity daily scanning, to suit the needs of scanning departments within public and private sector businesses, such as councils or finance, and those within the bureau scanning industry.

A high capacity document scanner is the scanning equipment which is reliable enough to process large amounts of pages. These machines are built specifically for huge volume projects, where productivity is critical. Most often, this is a high speed document scanner, faster than the average scanning equipment.

document scanner in mumbai
document scanner in mumbai

Canon DR-G2140

The DR-G2 series is optimized to deliver high quality scanning with ultra efficiency to demanding high volume environment.

  • Speed:
  • Scan size: Up to A3
document scanner on sales and rental

Fujitsu FI7700

Fujitsu’s new generation of high performance production scanners

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: A3
  • Speed: 100ppm /200ipm
  • ADF Capacity: 300 sheets
document scanner on sales and rental

Canon DR-6030C

Designed to perform with remarkable speed and precision

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size:Up to A3
  • Speed: 60ppm/120ipm
document scanner in mumbai

Fujitsu Fi7160

Designed to perform with remarkable speed and precision

  • Document scanner
  • Scan size: A4
  • Speed: 60ppm/120ipm
  • ADF Capacity: 80 sheets


The cheque scanning device scans both the front and the back of the payment, transforming the paper cheque into a legal digital image. The scanner gathers the data on the paper cheque and then produces a replica image file.

cheque scanner
cheque scanner

Canon CR-120/CR-120UV

Powerful multi-function cheque scanner with card-scanning capabilities

  • Feed capacity: 150 sheets
  • Scanning speed: up to 120 cheques per min
  • Eject Pocket capacity: 200 sheets
canon scanner

Canon CR-135 UV II/190 UV II

Rapid & reliable scanning in a compact body

  • 3 sorting pockets
  • Feed capacity: 250 sheets
  • Scanning speed: 135/190 cheques
document scanner in mumbai


Cheque and voucher scanner

Double-sided colour scanning and inkjet endorsement printing in one compact device.

  • 2-in-1 scan/endorsement
  • Fast and accurate
  • Wide endorsement area
Epson scanner


Cheque scanner and receipt printer

3-in-1 device that enables advanced cheque scanning, filling, and receipt printing

  • 3-in-1 device: scan/fill cheques and print receipts
  • Easy to use and maintain


Book scanners are specially designed to be productive, ergonomic, to preserve the state of the originals and ensure comfort of use. Book scanners can scan formats up to 2xA0 with high optical resolutions to reproduce the most minute detail of images. The condition of originals is preserved using book cradles and heatless lighting systems.

Essjay offers a wide range of book scanning solutions to fit any environment and collection, whether the material consists of books. Book scanners are the digitization tools you need to make information accessible and secure.

a2 scanner

A3 Format Book Scanners

Bookeye 5 V3 Series

Image Access

  • Resolution : 400 dpi
  • Speed : 0.8 sec / A3 + (150dpi)

A2 Format Book Scanners

  • eScan Open System A2
  • Bookeye 4 V2
  • CopiBook Open System
  • CopiBook Open System A2 XD
  • CopiBook Cobalt HD

A1 Fomat Book Scanners

  • Bookeye 4V1A
  • CopiBook OS A1 / A1 XD
  • Suprascan Quartz A1/ A1 HD series
  • Suprascan Quartz A1V / A1V HD

A0 / Double A0 Format Book Scanners

  • Suprascan Quartz A0 LED / A0 LED HD
  • Suprascan double A0

Microfilm & Microfiche SCANNERS

Microfilm scanners for 35mm and medium format film, and specialized expert digitizing tool, to scan slides and negatives. The ideal solution for professional photographers, shutterbugs and graphic designers.

Essjay offers a full line of Microfilm scanners to digital transform your images from virtually any type of microform. We also provide services to help support microfilm and microfiche conversions and are available to provide our services on-site or off-site based on the sensitivity and security of your information.


Large Format /Wide Format SCANNERS

High-quality large format scanners ideal for technical documents

Essjay offers high quality Large format / Wide Format scanners which will help you in your professional scanning applications, including engineering or technical drawings, blueprints, detailed maps, architectural renderings, satellite images, full-color graphics, photography, fine art or fragile documents.


Colortrac SmartLF SC36 Xpress

Large format scanner built for colour graphics and technical images

  • Scan up to 914,4 mm (36") wide x 2mm (0.08") thick
  • 13 inches per second (ips) B&W, 12ips colour scanning at 200dpi

Colortrac SmartLF SC42 Xpress

Accurate large format scanner for scans up to 42” wide

  • can up to 914,4 mm (36") wide x 2mm (0.08") thick
  • 13 inches per second (ips) B&W, 12ips colour scanning at 200dpi
document scanner in mumbai

Colortrac SmartLF SG44

Quality wide format scanner for capturing scans 44” wide

  • Choice of Colour or Express Colour 44” wide scanning
  • Stay productive with scanning at up to 13ips (mono) and 8ips (colour)
document scanner in mumbai

HD Ultra X 4290 ScanStation PRO

The world's fastest and widest CCD scanner

  • 17.8 ips in 200 dpi RGB color
  • 1200 dpi
document scanner in mumbai

HD Ultra X 4250 ScanStation PRO

Perfect for bureaus and other professionals

  • 8.9 ips in 200 dpi RGB Color
  • 1200 dpi
document scanner on sales and rental

HD Ultra X 4290

Fast and perfect for bureaus and other professionals

  • 17.8 ips in RGB color
  • 1200 dpi
paperless office